7. Yield approximation

Some in the Crypto Community see Bitcoin as a store of value. But people who believe this is the new gold reserve are mistaken if they do not consider miners' incentives. "There is a declining block subsidy, and Bitcoin itself will need to find a way to replace this subsidy to sustain the mining participants involved." (Krysty Leigh, CTO, Core Scientific).
The average Volume/MarketCap ratio for Bitcoin in 2020 is 19.63% (Until October 2, 2020). Meaning 80% of BTC is not transacted/per day. On the other hand, Tether has a ratio of 625% for 2020 (Until October 2, 2020), meaning that it has a velocity of 6/per day, which means people use it on average 4 hours a day, which is negligible compared to USD velocity 5/per year and EUR less than 2/per year.
So if we start at a price of GAUF at 100,000,000 =0.001 USD and the Total issuance is 500,000,000 the yield would be equal to:
36,000,000%.​ (18TUSD/500M GAUF=36,000 ; (36,000-.001)/.001=35,999,999.).
The conclusion here is that:
For the first time in modern history, we have the tools to compete with the largest Financial Market in the World: the EUR/USD, and come as a broader, reacher and better solution, and yet, Decentralized. It could be for any investor, the largest risk/return ratio venture they can ever participate in. — Manuel E. Blanco, Founder at GAUGECASH.
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