GAUGECASH is a Decentralized Monetary System available to anyone anywhere. In other words, it's a decentralized stable peer-to-peer cash system.
It has two tokens: GAUGECASH (GAU )and GAUGEFIELD (GAUI).
GAUGECASH token is an oracle co-implemented with Chainlink ( that references a basket of real-world FX data to generate a price feed protocol that protects against devaluation and hyperinflation but still inherits the best of Global Monetary Policy.
Put simply; we have developed a stable asset built upon all the global fiat currencies traded in the free markets, 35 so far in total, enabling users to price goods and services worldwide through a decentralized stable value. You can check the average volatility against major fiat currencies and see that it is the less volatile currency in modern financial history on our website,, under Menu->Charts or Charts2. The index takes all the data from 2002, when the EURO was released for public use.
GAUGEFIELD is the liquidity pool of GAUGECASH. There will be only 500M GAUF tokens, giving it the economic principle of scarcity. GAUGEFIELD will wrap other decentralized blockchain assets with the same scarcity issuance model ( for now, MATIC). When GAUGECASH gets released and volume starts increasing, the law of supply and demand will ignite a growth positive self-reinforcing economic decentralized system for GAUGECASH’s USERS and GAUGEFIELD BUYERS.
From the point of view of traditional economic systems, the GAUGECASH protocol checks all the boxes of what is well-known as a “Hard Monetary System.”