How to BUY GAUI on desktop browser using the GAUGECASH Wallet

REMINDER: GAUGECASH is a FREE service, but you need Matic for gas spending. Every transaction with/from/to your GAUGECASH Wallet must be on the POLYGON Network. Please be aware of this. Transacting GAUGEFIELD (GAUI) in a different network will lead to the loss of your tokens.

If you DON'T have a GAUGECASH Wallet, create one following the steps described here:

How to CREATE your GAUGECASH Wallet

If you DO have a GAUGECASH Wallet, follow the next steps:

1.- Go to

2.- Click on Launch app. > Sign in with your 4-digit code.

3.- Click on Invest.

4.- If you DO have Matic, click on Continue.

If you DON’T have any Matic, click on How to get Matic.

You can buy Matic with your credit card or send Matic to your GAUGECASH Wallet from CEX or another funded wallet.

5.- After getting Matic, click on continue.

6.- Type the amount of MATIC you want to exchange for GAUI.

7.- Click on Buy GAUI.

8.- Congratulations! You are providing liquidity to the World's First Decentralized Moneray System!

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