How to BUY GAUGEFIELD (GAUI) with Metamask

REMINDER: GAUGECASH is a FREE service, but you need Matic for gas spending. Every transaction with/from/to your GAUGECASH Wallet must be on the POLYGON Network. Please be aware of this. Transacting GAUGEFIELD (GAUI) in a different network will lead to the loss of your tokens.

1.- Go to

3.- Click on Connect Wallet or Connect

4.- Select your wallet

5.- Log in -> Select your funded account -> Click on next -> Click on connect

6.- Type the amount of Matic you want to exchange for GAUI.

7.- Click on Buy Crowdsale.

8.- Confirm your transaction

10.- Congratulations! You are providing liquidity to the World's First Decentralized Moneray System!

11.- You can review your transaction in Polygonscan by clicking here:

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