How to IMPORT your GAUGECASH Wallet into any device

If you already have a GAUGECASH Wallet, you can IMPORT it in a new device.

REMINDER: GAUGECASH is a FREE service, but you need Matic for gas spending. Every transaction with/from/to your GAUGECASH Wallet must be on the POLYGON Network. Please be aware of this. Transacting in a different network will lead to the loss of your tokens.

1.- Go to

2.- Click on Launch App.

3.- Click on Import a wallet.

4.- Select the backup file. The wallet uploads it automatically.

5.- Enter the password. > Click on Continue.

NOTE: The file you downloaded when you created a GAUGECASH Wallet contains the encrypted information to restore and/or import your wallet to any device. Your PASSWORD is the ONLY WAY to access the encrypted file to restore your wallet. We CAN NOT recover any lost PASSWORD.

6.- Enter the 4-digit pin. Repeat it.

7.- Click on finish.

8.- Congratulations! You imported your GAUGECASH Wallet into a new device.

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