GAUGECASH: a decentralized monetary system

The need for an inflation-proof medium of exchange/store of value has never been more evident than in recent times. The world economy is unraveling what might be the most complex crisis on a global scale. Cryptocurrencies have been tested during these times, and their inherent value has shined, outperforming most traditional assets. The volatility of most cryptocurrencies still hinders their usefulness as a medium of exchange.
The search for the best way to stabilize cryptocurrencies has been on the agenda of many of the best minds in the industry, giving rise to a thriving ecosystem. Yet, mainstream adoption is still far away. This paper outlines what we consider to be the First Stable Decentralized World Currency that can compete with EUR-USD in any cash market and as a world reserve currency. The project caters incentives to the sophisticated long-term crypto asset investor. It simultaneously provides the average layperson/corporation a stable cryptocurrency delivered via a highly intuitive multi-platform interface that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology in its UI, available to anyone, anywhere, for free.