4. GAUGECASH backing

Instead of going backward, we can use the ​blockchain asset class to create what is called in economics a “Hard Monetary System.”
Let us take the Bitcoin blockchain to give a flavor of what this could look like for a money market in equilibrium. The global GDP provided by the World Bank is in the ballpark of 90 Trillion USD by 2022. If you throw the GDP's total value into the Bitcoin Blockchain, its Market Cap will become 90 Trillion USD. One bitcoin will be worth 4.5 M USD and one Satoshi .45 USD cents.
Therefore bitcoin's volatility would end, and its only purpose would be the one that his creator proposed, "an electronic peer-to-peer cash system." The GAUGECASH/GAUGEFIELD equilibrium depends on different levels of market adoption over time. Still, it can be calculated very accurately once GAUGECASH service for trading goods or as a store of wealth starts to grow.*
*We can disclose the inner workings of these relationships to interested parties at our discretion. We don't regard it as necessary for the general public because of its mathematical and technical complexity.
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